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  • User Friendly EduBIOS

    User Friendly

    Teachers find our software a joy to use, and they can't live without it once they've started. Listen for yourself what the teachers have to say.

  • Upgrade EduBIOS

    Continuous upgrades

    We continuously update and upgrade the EduBIOS system with the latest best practices, which you receive automatically. This will help your university/college/school keep up with the rapidly changing technical landscape without any extra effort on your part.

  • Support EduBIOS

    24/7 support

    Our technical support can assist you with any technical problems you may face. Support is provided by email and phone. Onsite free training is also available as per request.

  • Training EduBIOS


    All teachers, administrators and parents who use the system have 24-hour access to training material, all for free. Guided walkthroughs integrated right within the system tell your users what to do, step-by-step. No need to pay for expensive training.

Want to Work with us?

How do we do it?

  • 1

    Step 1

    After confirmation from university/college/school board our separate team will start working with their parts and modules.

  • 2

    Step 2

    One team will discuss the design for the website with the university/college/school board and after deciding the main design they will try to complete the professional dynamic website within 10 days.

  • 3

    Step 3

    Another team will make the software ready for your university/college/school. As our software is dynamic it will take hardly 1 week.

  • 4

    Step 4

    SMS ID for the university/college/school will be activated on the same day of the confirmation.

  • 5

    Step 5

    Domain for the university/college/school will also get registered on the same day of the confirmation.

  • 6

    Step 6

    Corporate mail ID will also get activated on the same day of the confirmation.

  • 7

    Step 7

    After that EduBIOS training team will visit the university/college/school on the decided date and make the school board comfortable with EduBIOS.