Exam Master

  • Create and manage exams, unit tests for separate classes
  • MCQ exams for website
    1. Question manager for MCQ for different difficulty levels
    2. Random Question generation for exams
    3. Result is publish live in students panel after finishing exam in website
  • Result Printing as per schools template.

Every year in the beginning of a session, a school/college publishes a diary/pamphlet to inform parents and students of the session plan of holidays, vacations and exam schedule. There is a helpless reliance for precision of the content on the printing press. The dates printed once cannot be changed for an entire year. Overwriting is the only solution for marking changes. Supposedly, the exams are postponed due to bad weather or natural calamity then parents/students have little clue about the schedule of postponed exams. Schools/colleges are closed and their is no communication whatsoever with the parents and students apart from sms or social media. In this unpredictable modern world, it's quite important to have a flexible calendar which can accommodate alterations and simultaneously notify people of the change. An Admin Can Create The Routine Of An Examination In Exam Master And Immediately Send The Notification Of Its Release To The Parents.

Exam Master

Exam Master is a module in EDUBIOS which is solely designed with the purpose to administer and manage exams in a school. Here the admin can create the routine of class tests/unit tests/examination and release it's visibility in personal modules of students, teachers and parents. After creating the routine of an exam, the admin can automatically send a notification through Exam Master to the personal modules of the individuals concerned. The admin can also send a sms notification to the parents mobile from the Exam Master.

Admin Can Edit The Routine Of Exam In Case Of Emergencies And Immediately Send The Notification Of Change To Parents With The New Routine

In case the admin feels the requirement to change the test/exam routine. He/She can click Edit button of Test/Exam Routine in Exam Master, type the changes and then Save. The notifications of the changes will be sent to concerned individuals of EDUBIOS if the admin desires so.

Exam Master Enables Teachers To Store Herds Of MCQ Questions For Use In Unit Tests Or Surprise Tests

There is another pivotal function of Exam Master. One can store herds of objective type questions in it which can be used for tests and exams of students. During the initialization of EDUBIOS, teachers can feed objective type questions and answers chapter-wise of each subject of each class in Exam Master. They just have to type the questions and answers in MCQ section of Exam Master and Save them. The MCQ questions can be saved in the format of Must-Know, Should-Know and Could-Know with ascending difficulty level. A teacher can feed upto 500 questions for each subject of a class. Random questions will be jumbled from the store to be displayed on the screen of Student Panel during the test. Hence, each student will give attempt a different paper of the same syllabus and subject from the one sitting beside him/her. There is no scope of cheating . The exam will only analyze the knowledge of the student. A prompt result will be published on the screen soon after the test is over so that the student can muse upon his mistake and rectify it in his/her future tests. The marks obtained during the test will be stored in the memory of the software so that they can be included in the report card of the student.

The abyss of these questions can be used time and time again for upcoming sessions unless the syllabus changes.