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Why work with us?

EduBIOS is an online university/college/school management software that allows you to manage admissions, student information, Digital ID Cards, exam, tests, events scheduling, grading, parent & faculty notification functionalities anytime and anywhere from your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or Tablet.

EduBIOS is able to support different kinds of educational systems. Grading criteria, class levels, timetable and reports cards are all customizable within minutes. We will demonstrate it to you on a free visit as per request.

All you need is a Web browser that can support HTML5 such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE 9 and above), Safari.

We currently only provide an online version of our software. In this way, we're able to guarantee availability of our servers, provide support to all users, as well as provide continuous upgrades in an efficient manner.

EduBIOS provides a step-by-step flow that will help you import your current data. Your files need to be in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format.

Our technical support can assist you with any technical problems you may face. Support is provided throughout the week by email (, by phone as well as live chat anytime during weekdays. This is absolutely free of charge. We can also visit your university/college/school as per request.

It is our hope that our interface is intuitive and easy to follow from the start. But if you encounter problems, you have access to our live chat support personnel who are always happy to assist you. We're also in the process of providing online videos that will walk you through some of our more involved processes. All in all, you will not need to pay for expensive training. We will also give you on the spot training as per request for free.

Our philosophy and approach to a shared platform across many university/college/schools means that we cannot provide custom development for any specific university/college/school. However, we do provide upgrades and enhancements based on demand. So let us know what you need, and if there's a demand for it, we'll see if it's something that we can include in a future release, and at no additional charge.

There are two ways to go for EduBIOS

1. For EduBIOS Royal Plan, pay the total cost of Rs. 2,80,000/- once and then pay Rs. 70,000/- (25% of the total cost) yearly as maintenance fees. (No Hidden Cost)


2. Pay only per student per session basis.

For the pay per student, pricing are as follows for university/college/schools with more than 700 students (No Hidden Cost):-

We offer three plans. The Igniter Plan at only 179 /student/session, the Apollo Plan at only 199/student/session and the Royal Plan at only
239/student/session. For more details go to the Pricing page. All prices are in INR.

You will have the following things.
1.University/College/School Management System
2.Professional Dynamic University/College/School Website
3.Unlimited Online Server Space
4.Unlimited High Grade Transactional SMS for notifications
5.Unlimited Corporate Mail ID for University/College/School Administrative
6.Printed digital ID Cards
7.Online Payment Gateway for fees payment.

The only fee is the subscription fee. Everything is included with that price, including access to online training materials, support, professional university/college/school website, SMS, ID Cards, Online Server Space.

No, it's all included with that price.

No, it's all included with that price.

No, it's all included with that price. You may have unlimited corporate mail ID without any extra cost. You just have to send us a request mail with desired corporate mail IDs.

No. We charge on a yearly basis, and you may terminate the account with an one month notice. But as we are so much passionate about our project and the service, we hope you will never leave.

EduBIOS will generate digital ID Cards for Students, Stuffs and will notify you the delivery date of the printed ID Cards. And our EduBIOS stuff will deliver the ID Cards to your school on or before the due date.

Through the university/college/school website parents will be able to pay their fees online through their debit card, credit card or net banking.

We ensure that you have 99% uptime. To deliver this level of reliability, we host our applications on world-class data centers. These are the same data centers that carry traffic for international telcos.

Your university's/college's/school's data is important. At midnight every day, we backup your university's/college's/school's important data to a different physical location. This is fully automatic and you don't have to do anything to activate this service.

We provide our clients with several online payment methods, which include Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking.

Your data is treated as importantly as online banks treat financial information, which is why we use the same Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology when transmitting information between your computer and our servers.

No worry. You pay exactly as per the usage.
We will charge for the current session as how many months left to complete your current session.
For example:-
If you have 700 students now and 4 months left for the next 2016-17 session. And you have selected the Rs.109/- per student package.
Then you have to pay [{(109/12 X 4) X 700} + (109 X 700)] = Rs.101,733.33/- now for the 2015-16 & 2016-17 session.

If the student count will fluctuate within 20 then the amount will be adjusted on the next session billing.
But if more than 20 students means 2521 gets admission, then university/college/school has to pay the extra amount Rs.2,289/- (109 X 21) to Groveus within next 7 days of the admission. And if the opposite will happen then Groveus will refund the same.

It's so simple.
University/College/School just need to download 4 forms and print that on university/college/school letter head then fill up with correct details and send that to Groveus. Then as per the students count and the selected plan university/college/school will have to pay the 50% of the total amount first. Then after setting up everything university/college/school will have to pay the rest. Groveus will provide three days training and more if necessary.

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