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Digital Attendance Using RFID

Every student and teacher will be handed a RFID which will be synced to EDUBIOS. The purpose of the ID would be to take digital attendance of both student and teacher present in the school. The saved effort of manual roll call can make space for extended duration of teaching.

How Will A RFID Work ?

A RFID will be a simple mechanism synced to EDUBIOS. It will appear like identity card hanging around the neck of the holder which contains plethora of information about the owner. A RF scanner (with seperate cost) will be placed at different locations of the school. It's purpose would be to scan the ID's of students and teacher so that a digital could be taken. Attendance record will be stored in the database of EDUBIOS. Class teachers can examine the present attendance of the student in their android mobiles.

Teachers Can Check The Attendance Of A Class From EDUBIOS Mobile App

Groveus has developed an app of EDUBIOS which can be easily downloaded from Google Play store. It occupies little space of the phone memory and can accomplish every function of the software.Teachers will be provided with a module where they can perform various duties related to their daily school routine like attendance count,question paper preparation, marks allocation of every test or exam, report card preparation, etc. Hence, before beginning the class they can go through the attendance of students taken by the scanner for class and come to know the absent nature of the students. Apart from this, parents of the absent students will be automatically informed by sms of the absence of their child ( if the teacher and principal desires so ). Double attendance would be taken in a day to avoid wrong practices like bunking or skipping the school .

Teacher's Attendance Would Also Be Taken By Using The Technology Of RFID

In the same manner, attendance of the teacher will be read through the scanner and stored in the system. Principal and admin can daily examine the attendance of the teacher.The attendance record can be later used for the preparation of performance chart/result of the students.