Routine Management

  • Software generated routine on the basis of school calendar, class timings, total periods or hours to complete the subject and teacher speciality
  • Manual routine setup is also there.

Routine Master Creates Class Routine For Students And Teachers By Itself

Setting up class routine every year in a school/college having multiple classes/sections/streams is a complex task. Unfortunately, teachers and management strive to adjust time-table of classes/sections/streams with the timetable of teachers. There is complexity involved in the operation because classes generally outnumber the teachers present in the school/college and it's quite mandatory to take all classes of a day. Keeping the preceding problem in mind, Groveus developed a highly advanced programme in EDUBIOS which will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to prepare timetable of classes of both schools and colleges. It will extract the statistical ratio of teacher/student proportion from the data fed by the admin in Admin Panel of the EDUBIOS. The software will take logistics like - qualification and specialisation of teacher, number of classes, streams of classes, school/college timings, number of periods allocated a day, time allocated to each period, studying hours of each subject of classes and syllabus into consideration before formulating timetables of classes and teachers. The admin has to just click the button of Create Routine in Result Master. The routines will be live on the modules of concerned individuals (student,teacher,parents, etc). Incase, the admin is not satisfied with the content of the routine then he can go to the Create Routine section and click the Edit button below the class routine he/she intends to alter and type the changes manually and Save. The routines of classes can be streamed by horizontally scrolling between them.

Creation Of Session Calendar Is As Easy As ABC In Routine Master

Routine Master will also manage the calendar for the institutions. Just like Exam Master is used for managing the routine of exams and tests.Similarly, Routine Master is responsible for managing the schedule of class timetable and holidays. Both divide the responsibility of a school/college diary and perform their functions. In Routine Master, the admin has to click Calendar button. He/She will be directed to a page which will have calendar of the upcoming session. The admin can click on the date of a month. A pop-up screen would ask to type the event name. The admin will type the name of the event and Save it. The event will be saved in the memory. Once all holidays and events are saved then admin can make it live by clicking the last Save button.

Groveus endeavoured to make education management as simple as abc therefore optimum use of technology is applied to derive minimum human effort.