Result Master

Create result in 2 simple steps and get online result on website & in your phone through SMS


Just 2 simple steps and you are ready to publish result on website & also in your phone through SMS

Importance of Assessment

Assessment is a crucial part of learning ; without assessment there is practically very low possibility of learning. Research reveals that instant rectification and commendation boosts learning among students. Report card/ Marksheet is a star card which reveals the performance of a student to himself/ herself, parents and teachers. Hence, early evaluation of the unit test and exam paper can materialize the performance of a student.

Teachers Can Upload The Marks Of A Student Soon After The Correction Papers

For this reason, Groveus has prepared a separate module in EDUBIOS named as Result Master. In Result Master, a teacher of a respective subject of a class can download an excel sheet comprising the names of students in the class where he/she is teaching. The excel sheet would have columns for filling the marks of every subject taught in a particular class. Rows would have names and roll numbers of each student in the class. The teacher can type the marks obtained by the students in his/her subject during a test/exam. If the the teacher is taking lessons of different sections and classes then also he/she can download the excel sheet of multiple classes and fill the marks obtained in her subject by the student.

Result Master Immediately Prepares Soft Copy Of The Result By Synchronizing the Marks Of All Subjects In The Class

After filling the marks,teacher has to click the Upload button in the module. The modified excel sheet has to be selected. It will be uploaded in the server. Once the marks of all subjects is uploaded for all classes and sections, Result Master will extract the display format of the school report card / college marksheet and paste the grades of the student of every class. Hence, a soft copy of the report card will be ready to be viewed in the personal modules (of student, parent, teacher, principal and admin viewed in desktop or mobile) and also on EDUBIOS website of the school.

Admin can schedule a date for sms notification of the published result to the parent's mobile from Result Master.