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Sms Master, Sms using Excel file upload, Auto Activities Sms, Auto Birthday Sms, Schedule Sms Facility & Delivery reports, Push Notification, Emails notification to newsletters subscribers .

SMS Master
(Predefined school templates)

As the name suggests, Sms Master is designed for sending sms to members of the institute on different occasions. However, this does not mean that the sms are used just to greet people on some festive occasion. They are meant for a higher purpose.

Admin Can Select The Template To Send Sms To People In Sms Master

Sms Master of EDUBIOS has several predefined sms templates ( created by the service provider) present in it's display. Admin can select a suitable template to send sms in the future and Save it. The templates can be changed later by selecting another one from the template section.

The Mobile Numbers Of Students Can Be Stored In The Software By Filling It In Excel Sheet

The second task is to download an excel sheet by clicking Download Excel Sheet button and fill the same with phone numbers of students with their name. Then, the filled excel sheet has to be uploaded in the system by clicking Upload Excel Sheet button. The information related to the phone number of the individual would be thus stored in the memory.

Auto Activities Sms (Create exams, result publish, admission, fees payment, dues, absents etc)

Sms Master Will Automatically Send Sms To Concerned People On Various Occasions

Now the software will itself take up the responsibility of sending automatic transitional sms to concerned people on events of exam creation, result declaration, school holiday,admission opening, fees payment reminder, due reminder, absentee notification,etc. Admin of EDUBIOS can contain the notification of certain sms.

Auto Birthday Sms

Sms Master Will Flash Birthday Greetings To Students On The Wall Of Student Panel

It's feels great to get greetings of your birthday from people. Auto Birthday Sms feature of Sms Master sends birthday greetings to students and faculty of the school/college. The birthdate of student, teachers and non-teachings staffs are already stored in the database during their admission. Auto Birthday Sms job would be to extract the birthday of the people everyday and wish them by sending sms. This noble task does not involve any manual effort.

Sms Master Keeps Report Of Sms Delivery

Sms Master has a panel which keeps record of delivery reports of the sms send to parents and teachers. It is done to confirm the successful delivery of sms to the people. Otherwise one would be left baffled whether an important message of school holiday can reached the receiver or not.The pain involved in communicating the telecom company for confirmation cannot be endured daily.

Push Notification for news, attendance, routines, exams.

Push notifications are notifications from apps of your mobile which pops-up in your display screen. People having EDUBIOS mobile app will be getting push notifications/updates from school/college even if the mobile is in DND mode.