Report Card EduBIOS

Report Card

Report cards are perhaps the most anticipated report of the University/College/School year. A cumulation of a student's hard work throughout the year, a report card can be a huge reward for dedicated students and their parents.

Report cards, however, can be a time-consuming undertaking for both the office and teachers. EduBIOS streamlines this process so that report cards are no longer a hassle to produce. EduBIOS automatically completes report cards using the college's interactive database. Report cards are totally customizable so you can include the information that is important and unique to your University/College/School. Once teachers and administrators finalize and approve the report cards, they are available immediately to students and parents.

Interactive Database and Autocomplete

The report cards feature uses the interactive database which includes student information, attendance, and grades. This information is always up to date, so when it is time to produce report cards, a click of a button is all it takes. EduBIOS uses the customized report card template and database information to autocomplete student report cards. This eliminates the need for late nights and calculators trying to figure out each and every student's grade. It also reduces grading and mathematical errors.

Immediate Availability

After EduBIOS generates all of the college's report cards, all teachers and administrators need to do is review and approve them. Once report cards are finalized, PDF versions of student report cards can be made available to students and parents immediately through the Parent Portal. University/College/School administrators can also print and mail report cards to parents for their official records.