Library Management

  • Books Entry
  • Book out permissions for students, faculties or other staffs
  • Book Barcode
  • Books Groups

Prehistoric Way Of Library Management

Library is the temple of the school. It is a place where silence permeates the environment and the student meditates on the wisdom of books.Though old school management of library has a beauty of its own yet there are some grave shortcomings. Every new book that comes to the library is stamped in ink with the initials of the educational institute.However, the tattoo is of no use if the book is stolen or lost.Nobody can detect the location of the book and its destined to be lost to promiscuity. Students are deprived of its services and school/college has to purchase a new one after adjusting from accounts.

Library Management System A Breakthrough Technology With Barcode Entry Of Books

Library Management System is a breakthrough technology in the field of library management. Its precocious features are commendable in the administration and supervision of library properties. Librarian handles this module. The former will be assigned a desktop and barcode scanner at the cost beared by the institute. Whenever a book is purchased for the library , a barcode and id is dispensed to it. It is placed in the form of a sticker on the back cover of the book. An entry of the new book with its id and barcode in the module is done by the librarian. Group book entries are also possible.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Used In Library Management Tracks the Duration of Borrowed Books and Calculates the Late Fees

Whenever a student borrows a book from the library, the book's barcode and id is scanned along with the barcode of the student so that the system records the name of the borrower and duration of borrowing the book.Once he/she come to return the book to the library, the duration of borrowing the book will be calculated by the system after scanning the book. If the student exceeds the time of borrowing then he/she has to pay the fine calculated by the system.Algorithms of fine calculation will be coded in the Fine Collection panel of Library Module as per the rules of the school. Similarly, teachers also have to follow the procedure prescribed above.

Library Management Is Intelligent Enough To Observe The Rules Of Library Laid By The Institute Without Any Human Help

Rules ascribed to individuals pertaining to the borrowing of the book can be stored in Permissions Panel of Library Management . The software will exercise a control over the distribution of books on the basis of these rules. For example, in a library there are books which can be taken home and there are others which has to be read in the library itself. Some books are authorized only for higher classes whereas some lie totally in restricted section. Rules of a school/college is different for a teacher to that of a student. Permissions will strictly observe the rule and report in case of a breach.Incase a student tries to take a prohibited book outside the library then the librarian would be immediately informed by a notification. The student will be checked and such discrepancies can be avoided.